Dear Reader,

I might be late writing this. Or in another term posting this. I have always believed that writing is very therapeutic and beneficial to peopleโ€™s overall positivity and well-being. Writing genuinely help people to free themselves by inking their deepest emotions on paper. The more people write, the more they succeed in healing their perspective souls.

I used to write for myself. To keep my emotions for myself. Iโ€™m not really sure if itโ€™s related to shyness or privacy. ย In both cases, I decided these last couple months to step out of my comfort zone. Being close to farewell my teenage years, I had the idea of talking about my golden years full of laughs, tears, ecstasy, ย collapse, anxiety, love. My lifetime experiences. The experiences that contributed in building my personality and making me the person that I am today. The experiences that made me cling to life at its darkest. I believe that this blog will hold so many memories and reminiscence. ย Not only for myself but also for the people that Iโ€™ve met and that went along with me during this journey. I really hope that my posts will make people laugh their hardest while reminiscing the craziest and happiest souvenirs โ€“ that if my lazy self decided to quit procrastination- and will make people shed joyful tears. Tears of pride.